Lisa (absolut_venting) wrote in asians,

For those Japanese people living abroad

If you don't mind, can you answer the following questions for my thesis? 

1. Did you go back to Japan for the Coming of Age ceremony?
2. Why or why not?
3. Could you provide detailed description of the ceremony?
4. What was the most important element of the ceremony? Please describe it and explain what made it so important.
5. What did the ceremony mean to you?
6. Describe any emotional feelings before, during, and after the ceremony.
7. Do you think it is important for others to go back to celebrate it as well?
8. Did you share the experience after you came back to the United States?
9. If you were going to do it again, would you do it differently, and how?
10. Would the ceremony have the same meaning if you had celebrated it in the United States?
11. Did you feel Japanese during the ceremony? How? Did you feel any other identity?
12. How did you feel during your stay in Japan after having lived in the United States?
13. What, if anything about you has changed since the ceremony?
14. How would you define your cultural identity?

any help would be great. thanks.
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